Where's Eric reed?

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    With a name like Rambo how could he not be :p
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    I wish Eric Reid nothing but the best. He had a great career here, will always be known for completely bitching the big tight end from Alabama by just taking the ball away from him, and essentially stealing that game. Wish he would have played smart last season instead of playing like a damn headhunter, but I agree with everyone, he should have a great career, on a stellar defense.
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    Next time you think postseason awards are deserving rewatch every game of Reid's from last season. They are earned in the preseason hype not on the field.
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    No, that's assanine. Manziel didn't even have a preseason & Mathieu played 1 year.

    A lot of people heard the words "Bad Angles" by a few never were TV personalities regardind Eric Reid, and hopped on that clunker.
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    Most not all. Asinine.
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    You don't have to get into name calling again, do you? :)
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    I said that Reid would go early in the draft, an stood by that. The 9'ers saw the same thing I saw, he was worth the move up in the draft. He was a major get for their defense, gonna payoff this year. Never saw anything less than an A in their draft grade for this year.
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    The Pro Bowl....Congrats to this former Tiger.

    Quick story,I know, I got a million of them.
    I was eating lunch with the family one Sunday, in the restaurant was Chris Carrier, he and I were talking about Eric. As we were talking his phone rang, he looked an said, "It's Eric, I need to catch this one." After he hung up, he told me that Eric had just given his verbal to LSU.
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    Eric 's father and uncle were both all American track stars for LSU and are originally from Maryland. His grandfather and other relatives live very near my house.
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