Who has the most favorable 2008 schedule between LSU, UF and Georgia?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TenTexLA, Feb 7, 2008.

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    Before I looked at the schedule I was thinking we had the hardest schedule because of our even year road schedule. Then when I looked at Georgia's schedule I almost passed out. Georgia has a horrible schedule with 5 road games in addition to out of conference Arizona State. Whoever added ASU as a road game for Georgia next season should be shot. To top that off they go on the road for 4 consecutive weeks against LSU, Florida, Kentucky and then Auburn. At least they have Vandy at home before the 4 game road stretch. Georgia is a serious BCSCG contender for next year. I just don't see them beating Florida after we beat their brains out in Baton Rouge.

    Florida seems to have a pretty easy schedule in conjunction with having Georgia and LSU at home. Now I say easy in SEC terms. Any other team from around the country could not survive Florida's schedule without at least 3 loses except for USC.

    After reviewing Georgia and Florda's schedule I love our chances to make the SECCG again. I like our chances to finally beat Auburn on the road next year. I suspect we might loose the Florida game and play them again in Atlanta. I like our chances in the 2nd game with our young team maturing. We don't have Georgia and Florida back to back, so that helps. It will be a tough schedule for us next year. But I like our chances compared to what Georgia and Florida both have to play out. Of course, just about any other SEC team cam jump into contention with our tough schedules. So it will be another crazy SEC year in 2008.

    Any thoughts on our chances to repeat as SEC Champs next year? And if we repeat who knows where we might play in January.

    LSU Schdule

    Aug. 30th TBD
    Sept. 6th Troy
    Sept. 13th North Texas
    Sept. 20th at Auburn
    Sept. 27th Miss State
    Oct. 11th at Florida
    Oct. 18th at South Carolina
    Oct. 25th Georgia
    Nov. 1st Tulane
    Nov. 8th Alabama
    Nov. 22nd Ole Miss
    Dec. 1st at Arkansas(Little Rock)

    Flordia Schedule

    Aug. 30th Hawaii
    Sept. 6th Miami (Fla.)
    Sept. 20th at Tennessee
    Sept. 27th Ole Miss
    Oct. 4th at Arkansas
    Oct. 11th L.S.U.
    Oct. 25th Kentucky (Homecoming)
    Nov. 1st Georgia (at Jacksonville FL)
    Nov. 8th at Vanderbilt
    Nov. 15th South Carolina
    Nov. 22nd The Citadel (Senior Day)
    Nov. 29th at Florida State

    Georgia Schedule

    Aug. 30th Georgia Southern
    Sept. 6th Central Michigan
    Sept. 13th at South Carolina
    Sept. 20th at Arizona State
    Sept. 27th Alabama
    Oct. 11th Tennessee
    Oct. 18th Vanderbilt
    Oct. 25th at LSU
    Nov. 1st at Florida
    Nov. 8th at Kentucky
    Nov. 15th at Auburn
    Nov. 29th Georgia Tech
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    In the SEC and making runs a lot of the time it comes down to your away games.

    Florida easily has the easiest.
  3. CajunlostinCali

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    Agreed. Florida, LSU, Georgia with the hardest of the three.
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    I agree and would add that Georgia easily has the hardest. I thought they had Okie State, too; however, they probably still have the highest quality OOC schedule in the SEC next year.

    *EDIT* Take it back, Miami and FSU are as good or better quality opponents as Ga Tech and Az. St. Throw in the fact that they're both in-state rivals, bigger games.
  5. islstl

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    It's close between LSU and Florida for the easier of the 3 teams.

    We have Georgia at home, they play them at a neutral site.

    They have USCe at home, and SC played them tough last time (should have won).

    Florida plays Miami and FSU (at FSU). That blows away our OOC. We have 3 cupcakes. Miami and FSU will be tougher to beat in 08.

    I say LSU has the easiest road of the 3. We have our best shot at beating Auburn on the road for quite some time. Bama is a home game and the LSU crowd will be going bonkers (emotions will be flying high). Arkansas will be a pretty bad team this year and we should be able to handle USCe on the road as well.

    I like our chances. We'll win the game in the trenches. We'll have a chance at winning every single game.
  6. shane0911

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    Good call istls, as for Ga v Okie St, I would think that the other half of that h@h would be next year in stillwater? Not sure. As for the 3 I was thinking the same thing, on paper it would be a slight lean to the Tigers but is there really such a thing as an "easy" SEC schedule? The questions, how good will Ky be. I think they lost a boat load as if woodson wasn't enough. Tenn should be better, and what will the OBC have at USCe? Bamas D should be pretty strong but bringing in a new OC along with a young offense I'm not sure they will do a lot of scoring against the better SEC defenses.
  7. LSUtiger327

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    UGA has the hardest.

    having us, uf, uk, and au all on the road in 4 straight weeks is pretty brutal. especially that later in the season. uk could be a trap game if they have some success against us and uf.
  8. Chip82

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    Ga Tech, Az State and Central Michigan were all bowl teams in 2007.

    So that makes 10 teams on the 2008 Georgia schedule that were bowl eligible.

    With Caleb King in the backfield, and without sustaining a large amount of injuries, Georgia realistically could go undefeated.
  9. TenTexLA

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    Do you think Georgia can go with out some major injuries with that schedule?
  10. TigerBait3

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    If he answers I better see some pick-6 numbers behind it. :wave:

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