Why I am frustrated by Miles

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by tigerpub, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. tigerpub

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    I am not looking to pile on Miles. This is truly an analysis of why I have now started to admit to myself that it is not just pleasant goofiness of a great coach. It's not losses. It's the way we lose. It's the embarrassing stuff.

    1. Clock management gaffs nearly every game.
    2. No fire on the sidelines.
    3. No significant or effective adjustments on either side of the ball in-game.
    4. The standing around at times when we should be hustling, usually resulting in a delay of game penalty or wasted time out.
    5. The bone-headed non-discipline that shows up at the worst times.
    6. Miles' inability to verbally express himself (would be okay if the rest of the above resolved).
    7. Rarely any real urgency even when needed.
    8. No substitutions of future players when game situations allow.
    9. Failure of recognition. (ex. everyone watching knew to watch for the fake punt, including the game announcers). Apparently, Miles missed it. This happens frequently.

    Miles is a good man and good coach. He is a decent recruiter. But, IMHO the fire is just gone. I have only started to admit this recently. For those who think I am bashing the man. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just want someone who can execute the job of coaching to a nearly 4 million dollar annual level.
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  2. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    1. doesn't happen every game
    2. I think he shows emotion on the sideline, maybe not negative emotion but emotion.
    3. I agree
    4. agreed
    5. agreed
    6. coach speak man, he is a quirky dude
    7. agreed
    8. don't agree, at least not on defense, subs have been constantly made on defense, maybe not a great times but we've damn near played the whole active roster on D.
    9. Miles didn't miss it, they knew it was coming, watch the post game presser. In fact it was defended, but that extra hand off was a pretty nifty wrinkle.
  3. tigerpub

    tigerpub Veteran Member

    Maybe every game is an exaggeration. Defensively, there is just not formula that works. I still believe there is a coaching element. As I said, I have given the benefit of the doubt in every area including the NCG vs. Alabama. Maybe with number 9, I should have been more general. Thanks for the clarification. I still think we miss the boat on recognizing wrinkles like this (among other things).
  4. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    Interesting tidbit, national championship game, 21 point loss, last night, 21 point loss.
  5. onceanlsufan

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    #3 ..... this is the biggest.
  6. fanatic

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    Don't forget - an inability to coach up talent. This has changed with Mett thanks to Cam, but as a former o-lineman, I expect this to be Miles' forte and it's just not. Same with Chavis on defense. The truly good teams get better as the season progresses. We start out strong, then regress from there. I don't get it; especially with all the money he and the coordinators are getting paid.
  7. cwatsn

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    Frustrating time to be an LSU fan. I know I am frustrated. That second half was a train wreck, let's face it. Just piss poor discipline and execution.

    People are losing their patience with Miles. My is running thin. He is the head coach and he is overall responsible and accountable for the preparation of this football team for these games. Whatever he is doing, it is not working the way it needs to. We should be performing much better by now defensively and offensively. He needs to make some short term and long term changes soon or things will get ugly I am afraid. This is what he gets paid the big bucks to do.

    It is hard to think about how bad this can get if these next two games go badly. Get ready for the boos and worse.

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