Why Oregon lost.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by tigerpub, Nov 17, 2012.

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    The Stanford TD was absolutely the right call if you watch it very closely. I was very, very, surprised they overturned it, though, from the way that crowd was booing all night for every little thing that went against Oregon. I honestly slightly expected the fans to storm the field and destroy the referees after that call.

    As for why they lost, they met someone with a defense. Stanford plays some physical football and has been very underrated this season IMO. We will see how they do against UCLA, though.
  2. very frustrating game for getting spoiled/crybaby fans,.. I concur about the call.

    I thought Stanford's defensive backfield won the game, a little undersized but fast, and good tackling, Oregon didn't get much yak, and we usually get a heap.
    The Ducks much needed a stronger 3rd down RB against Stanford.
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  3. CaptainTide

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    Pretty much agree with you there.
    Overall, Oregon had a great season, nothing to be sad about. Shame you guys got knocked out of the Pac-12 championship, though..
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    It would be karma for a 1 loss Oregon who didn't play in their conference championship to jump Alabama. Unfortunately, the pollsters like Bama too much to let karma work it's magic.
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    Look at ND... play weak competition, stay independent and go to the BCS. Same srory with Oregon... play weak competition with only an offense... everyone butnthe SEC sucks.

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