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    Why don't our coaches bench players when they play like crap?

    Terrence Toliver dropped passes all over the place this year. He should have been benched, we have Boone and Wright ready to play.

    The O Line at times some of our guys have gotten abused. Why not bench em and bring in someone else?

    The quarterback, finally it happened against Tennessee and it made Jefferson play a better at times.

    Karnell Hatcher, you mean to tell me Eric Reid, Craig Loston, and Ron Brooks are worse than Hatcher?????

    I'm not saying kick these dude's off the team or anything, but sometimes a player needs to get benched and get their mind right. It was obvious during the Ole Miss game that Karnell Hatcher was the weakest link of our defense, and then against Arkansas, he easily cost us 14 points.
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    That's a good question. Perhaps the coaches still feel that the players on the field give them the best chance for a win. I've wondered, though, why we seldom if ever see anyone sit for a few plays other than for a breather.

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