Will these coaches find themselves in the SEC>

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    Will these coaches find themselves in the SEC?

    "Some coaches that I expect to be interviewed for openings are either looking for upgrades or to get back in the coaching saddle despite past issues:

    Central Florida head coach George O'Leary who has done a remarkable job in Orlando over the past 7 seasons and has been recognized twice in his career as the National Coach of the Year (2000 while at Georgia Tech and 2005 at UCF).

    The episode at Notre Dame with an inaccurate bio may have led to dismissal and embarassment for O'Leary in South Bend but is long forgotten.

    Former Texas Tech head coach, Mike Leach wccused of mistreating players. But his record speaks for itself.

    Current Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville has developed and improved programs everywhere he has coached."
    Written by Rene Nadeau New Orleans.com
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    Vandy and Georgia jobs only potential openings?

    Mullen is being mentioned as a possibility to Miami, and I think that would be a smart move on their part. No way this Mississippi State team with a lack of talent should be competing in this talent laden SEC West. Yet he was in just about every ball game except for maybe 2 (LSU and Alabama).
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    Thought I heard rumors about Nutt leaving Ole Miss? If so, to where?

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    I think his name came up for the Colorado job as well. They like them some former Boise State guys.

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