Will this ever happen here?

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by col reb, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Almost everyday, we read where someone in Iraq straps explosives to their body and kills several others. I am amazed that the same thing is not happening in the USA. Do those who choose to give up their lives for their god only count if it was done "in country?" I fear the day is coming!

    Think about the possibilities.

    1) Mardi Gras
    2) New Years celebration in NY
    3) New Years day parade in Pasadena
    4) Parking lot of super bowls
    5) Even around TS an hour or so before game time. Place six or more surrounding the stadium like looking for tickets. Each pushes their explode button for the same time. Even if one or two were late, they would hear the others and react.

    Endless possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It is scary. A few possible reasons come to mind for why this hasn't really happened here.

    1. The suicide bomber is mostly a tool of Palestinians and Iraqi insurgents. The Palestinians agenda is attacking Israel. The Iraqi insurgents agenda is attacking American presence in Iraq and killing each other over the Sunni/Shiite thing. Only Al Qaida has targeted us in North America and it caused a major split in Islamic Jihad, most of whom didn't think it was their fight. Al Qaida has come to specialize in high-profile bombings like the USS Cole and the 9/11 attacks instead of vest-wearing suicide bombers.

    2. There are perhaps a limited number of muslim fanatics who are actually willing to commit suicide and it is more cost-effective to use them in the middle east, where they can blend in. Most muslims that want to fight us wish to survive the encounter, thus the car bombs, ambushes, sniping, and IED's in Iraq.

    3. Security at events is greatly increased since 2001 and while never foolproof, it is high-profile and may be very effective at discouraging potential attackers from trying.
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    Yes it will,
    Matter of fact we encourage these things because of stupid rulings that we have in this country.
    We are willing to bend over while the enemy stuffs the dynamite up our...
    Well, you get the picture.

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