willie williams "goes to jail."

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    Reply Willie Williams' trip to Jail
    When Carroll County Jail came to pick me up, I knew it was special. They sent a whole private van just for me! I knew I must have been important to them because I was the only recruit in the van. That was tight. They made a big deal out of trying to impress me by blaring the sirens and giving me my own armed escort. I felt important.

    When I arrived at the jail, the warden told me that I could expect to start right away for the prison team. They have lost all of their starting linebackers to parole so the early playing time sounded phat to me. The warden tooked me to a room where they already had a uniform set out just for me! I asked the warden if I could keep my highschool number but he said, "look at your uniform Willie, it's already got a number on it, we copied it from your first arrest". I guess they saved #986347 for me! Anyway, I put on the uniform and the warden told me "It's you, Willie." From there I got to run out into the cell block with my uniform on. I got a tour of the weight room and it was the bomb baby. It is the only weight room I ever seen where it is outside in the "yard". Man, they have a great weight training program and some of those big dudes must work out six hours a day.

    I told the warden I was hungry and he took me to the restuarant to eat. It was the only place I visited that has a restaurant right there. I asked for 5 lobster tails and 2 steaks. They told me they were out of both so I had 6 sloppy joes. To be honest, the food wasn't up to my usual standards. Fortunately, one of the playas hosting me offered to toss me a salad later that night. That was off the hizzle.

    After dinner I was looking to party. I asked some of the playas "where the women at?" they just looked at me and smiled kinda funny.

    I met with a counselor to talk about classes. I couldn't decide whether to study liscense plate manufacturing or internet dating.

    I didn't like the fact that I had to spend the evening behind bars. I ain't no parakeet!

    Where the farmer girls at now? Free Willie!
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    That's funny!
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