Wisconsin freshmen talking . . .

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    I think I understand why Les does't allow freshmen to talk to the press. The freshmen starters from Wisconsin are good reasons why.


    "You should feel disrespected," Figaro said when asked if he feels disrespected by all the attention paid toward the SEC. "We all know the Big Ten is better than the SEC."

    The 6'0 safety from Everett, Massachusetts, said he isn’t worried about LSU’s speed on offense in preparing for Saturday.

    "We match their speed," Figaro said. "We are way more physical than them. This is Wisconsin."

    Their seniors aren't much different . . .

    "It makes us a lot better, "Trotter said. "Their o-line is very similar to Wisconsin in terms of size, speed and footwork," Trotter said. "That’s part of the reason a lot of SEC defenses aren’t used to that is because their offensive line isn’t as big, so they can’t really prep like we can prep."

    "We understand. That’s what the south is, speed," Trotter explained, "We are not worried about that. They can have as much speed as they want. It doesn’t mean they are going to win the game."
    I wonder where they get the notion that SEC O-lines are small. LSU averages 6-6, 320. They also seem to think that SEC speed means that they can't also be physical. They surely have not watched much LSU or Alabama football recently.

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    The Tigers will bring the pain and send the Badgers home with wounded souls! Hope they get some quotes after the game!;)
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    so says the team that can't beat the team that was 0-9 against the sec​
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    More proof that Freshment should be seen and not heard.
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    From 1998-2013 Every champion but three were either SEC or southern team with speed. Other than OK and USC who were also fast teams, only Ohio State got lucky and won the championship. Southern Speed kills and the Big 10 knows it. One big 10 in all those years they better be worried. We discussed this one time and the comments by the lineman show how little they know about the SEC. I will give credit to skill positions for matching our speed, but what kills those other schools is line of scrimmage speed. Our guys or big and fast across the whole line. Every body says it when they get demolished in the championship game. From sideline to sideline our lineman run as fast as anybody on the field. Let 'em keep talking, just more bulletin board material.
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  6. LaSalleAve

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    I've been to Wisconsin, it sucks. LSU by 10, and if LSU loses it's not gonna be because Wisconsin is great, it's gonna be because LSU blows it somewhere along the line.
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    Ohio State only won in OT against Miami because of a bogus delayed flag
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    Wow. I know next to nothing about Wisconsin but those comments are pretty ignorant. I understand being confident and I also understand that athletes need to have a certain arrogance, but this is over the top.

    I also found this pretty interesting too:

    I wouldn't get into an argument with him -- remember I know next to nothing about Wisconsin -- but best is certainly subjective. Yes, Gordon had a great year last year. But Kenny Hillard, Terrance McGee and Leonard Fournette might have something to say about "best running backs in the country."
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    I like it better when the opposing team is talking, it's the quiet ones I worry about.
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    Whenever somebody takes a gun or an ax and murders his whole family the neighbors always say "He was a quiet man."
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