WOO~Mof'ing HOO !!!

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    Oct 20, 2001
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    Holy cow! I'll say what those damn yankees cannot.

    In your stupidest, hence Musberger voice please say the following:

    LSU beat the hell/crap/****/guts/piss out of the Illini. There can be no doubt as to who was superior today so I cannot possibly fathom the fact that the lowly Tigers won. How can that possibly be? *sob* Those F'ing cajun a-holes won? How could that possibly happen? I mean, Kitttner was/IS the sh!t! Could somebody please enlighten me?

    Nudge: Your team sucks ass. :D
    BackassCajunRetard: GimmeaBEERandHUSH.
    Nudge:We are only down by 7.
    BACR:GMABASTFU~Get me a Beer and STFU. Gotta spell it out for you yanks? Too easy, kinda like your secondary... :p
    Nudge: Kurt is the BEST QB at a comeback!
    BACR: *yawn* Have my bitch Booty give me a beer.
    Nudge: Holy Cow! We are only down by 19...
    BACR *burp* Huh?


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