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    I think we will be fine at QB, we are much more certain than going into last season. I am comfortable if we have to play any one of the 3.

    The o-line will need to gel and mature, and they probably will.

    What I've seen of Glen Dorsey, he's the real deal, I think we'll be happy with him.

    The little I've seen of Luke Sanders, I think he will be a good one. I haven't seen Beckwith, but I look forward to it.

    I'm just looking forward to the season, all this football talk this weekend has got me excited, and we have a 3 month wait time summer camp. Bummer.
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    Aug 26, 2004
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    True, but we do have the college football pre-season (EA's NCAA Football 2007) to look forward to in just 2 months!

    And, the magazines start coming out in 1 month..:geauxtige
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    I expect to see JaMarcus quicken up his release this year with all the experience he has, but he'll always be a guy that looks for the big play. It'll be hard for him to do that behind a struggling Oline.

    Flynn & Perrilloux's ability to run would be a fantastic way to address a weak Oline, but it still comes down to who can win the most games. I think that will be JaMarcus, but if he's getting sacked all day - we could see one of the other guys thrown behind center to change it up, but I think it would be more on a situational basis & not as a starter.
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    Not as talented as last year. This crop of 4th and 5th year seniors were the peak of Nick's recruiting hauls and 13 of them will be practising in NFL camps this summer. We can't lose players like that without a drop-off. Not a big one, but a real one.

    Yes, we still have talented players, but not enough experienced talented players. And don't forget that Florida and Georgia have been recruting talented teams just like LSU. We ain't the only talented team in the SEC, just the only one you are familiar with. Tennessee has talent for heavens sake, and they lost plenty last year.

    LSU is ONE of the most talented teams in the SEC. But there ain't a trophy for having talent. Even talented players have to play road games and LSU has a killer road schedule. It's a minor rebuilding year and we should be thinking 9-3 with a shot at 10-2. We will not sail through Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee on the road without some losses.

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