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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by SabanFan, Sep 20, 2003.

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    Oct 20, 2002
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    With the teams we play theres no way we don't end up with #1-#2 in the BCS if we go undefeated because of ths SOS, Computer Rankings, and the Quality points we should get for beating Whoever we beat in the SEC Championship and Georgia if they keep winning. FSU and USC don't have near the SOS we have.
  2. SEN

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    Sep 16, 2003
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    Look at it this way:

    We go 12-0 in the regular season.

    That means we will have beaten Georgia, who either loses to Florida or beats florida, either way we get the winner, and should/might beat UT.

    If UGA beats UT it's most likely that LSU will play UT in the SEC Championship game. If that is the case LSU will be playing the team that played Miami (and has a very good chance at winning in Coral Gables, IMO), and beat UGA/UF/Marshal (who beat Kansas State).

    LSU will also have beaten Arkansas (who beat Texas), and Auburn, who was beaten by USC (have to win by more points very possible, AU ans are shaking in their boots after they saw what the Tiger DL did to Greene, Campbell is much, much less polished.

    There is absolutely no doubt that if LSU goes 12-0, and wins the SEC Championship game (that's the ultimate test, either rematch vs UT who will have evrything to prove after '01, role reversal & all, or vs UGA (ditto), that the sugar bowl awaits...

    and if you don't think the city of new orleans and the sugar bowl committee isn't drooling over the chances of LSU going to the sugar bowl/national championship again...HA!
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    Sep 14, 2003
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    I'm very glad the Tigers won Saturday, and was there. Ga. is a VERY GOOD team, and I hope my Tigas don't have to play them again this year. They might not win a second time. Good luck, but please don't go to Atlanta Dec.5.
  4. SovietGator

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    Aug 15, 2003
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    You are right on that point, the Sugar Bowl Committee will have a lot to say about getting LSU if ya'll are undefeated and have a chance to play for a National Championship against an away team like FSU, USC, or Oklahoma.
  5. red55

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    Oct 21, 2002
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    What is this 12-0 talk about? Too freakin' early, it's a jinx. This sounds like barner talk from last summer.

    Does anybody listen to Nick? You do this one game at a time.
  6. Agreed, this NC talk gives me the willies. It's unfounded and premature. Remember how much confidence we had before the last 6-game stretch last year? Loosing 2 guys created a tailspin. We do need some luck here and I agree that the longer we can stay under the radar the better. If the media wants to annoint Tennessee as the new SEC salvation, so be it..... it will keep our guys honest and should keep them hungry. :helmet:
  7. Tiger Trey

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    Sep 13, 2002
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    Supporting evidence

    A Bad Ballot

    Dallas area AP voter Chuck Cooperstein's ballot. He loses me by putting Ohio State at #1. (Obviously misguided)

    He has UT at 6, LSU at 7.

    At least he has 4 SEC teams in his Top Ten.
  8. BostonBengal

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    May 14, 2003
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    Re: I agree with a Florida Gator!?!?

    AMEN! Lack of respect is the biggest fuel to a team's fire!

    Keep doubting us national media! I DARE YOU! ...I ENCOURAGE YOU!
  9. Bengal B

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    Sep 5, 2002
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    I would love to see LSU, OU, Miami, Ohio State, USC and somebody like Northern Illinois who has beaten Maryland and Alabama finish the regular season and conference championship games with perfect records. The Bullshit Championship System (BCS) would put the Okies and the Buckeyes in the Sugar Bowl. LSU, Miami and USC would be screwed out of playing for an NC that all had earned the right to compete for. LSU and Miami would end up playing each other in the Orange Bowl. Since the Pac 10 and Big 11 are locked into the Rose Bowl except for the years when the Rose Bowl host the BCS title game USC would end up playing a Michigan team with at least 2 losses or possibly Iowa. Northern Illinois would end up in something like the Holiday Bowl. You would have 4 teams who would be in a playoff it there was such a thing as a playoff in Division 1A. I wish that Miami and Florida State didn't play each other so we could add a 5th team who would be screwed to that formula. Last year it worked out for the BCS when only Miami and Ohio State finished the season undefeated. In 2001 Nebraska ended up playing Miami in the Rose Bowl even though they got blown out by Colorado in their last game and didn't even play in the Big 12 Championship game. Does anybody think that the 2001 Tigers couldn't have beaten the Huskers? Colorado knocked off Texas who was poised to play for the NC. LSU knocked off Tennessee. Oklahoma lost to Oklahoma State in the last regular season game and were knocked out of the Big 12 title game. Florida got knocked out of contention by a loss to Tennessee in the last regular season weekend in a game that was delayed by the 9-11 postponements but still went to the Orange Bowl over the Rocky Tops.

    If there had been a 16 team playoff just like there is in every division of college football except for D1 LSU, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Miami, Colorado, Oregon and even Illinois as the Big 10 champ would have been in it along with Maryland as the ACC champ. Even with 3 losses by the time LSU blew out Illinois in the Sugar Bowl they had put it all together and were a better team than their final ranking of 7th. The Tigers were the hottest team in the country and I would have loved to have seen if they could have worked their way through a playoff and played Miami in the Rose Bowl. McNeese got blown out by K State but even if they lose another game they will probably be able to play for the right to advance to the National Championship game of their division. Same for Western Illiniois. Their 35-7 loss to LSU that could have just as easily been 70-7 won't be held against them. On that same weekend when the top 3 ranked D 1AA teams all played on Louisiana Soil #2 ranked Georgia Southern lost to McNeese but if they win their conference they won't be shut out of a playoff.

    Why not give the same equality to the Division IA teams? I wish 10 D1 teams would finish the season undefeated because 8 of them would be screwed out of a shot at the NC and all of the fans and athletic departments of the left out teams would be howling for a playoff. Sooner or later there will be a playoff system. Use the big bowl games as part of that system and still let teams that don't make the playoffs go to the Weedeater Bowl or the Music City or Motor City Bowls or the, Humanitarian (the one in Boise, Idaho with the blue artificial turf that makes you think there is something wrong with your TV) Seattle, New Orleans or San Francisco Bowls.

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