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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Deceks7, Jul 2, 2006.

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    I thought about posting this on the recruiting board, but more people will see it here. The story is about a young man that Auburn, LSU, Clemson, and Tennessee were recruiting. In the end, the young man picked Auburn.

    D-1 football is a high pressure job for coaches. You must win or be out of a job. It doesn't take much imagination to believe that coaches will do what it takes to get the best players. Some might even "bend" the rules.

    Les is smart enough to know that you want kids to have no uncertainty within their heart. He is smart enough to be honest with the prospects. You will miss out on some players because of it, but your team's dedication and chemistry will be better for it.

    First, the trip to Iraq, and then this. It appears that you have a man of character heading your football program.

    On the series of trips one SEC coach played an instrumental part in Pugh’s ultimate decision to choose Auburn. While visiting LSU Pugh and his father were very impressed by the facilities and coaching staff of the Tigers, but it was something said while on the visit to Baton Rouge that made all the difference in the end. “I think really Coach (Les) Miles sealed the deal for him,” Toney Pugh said. “He did a great job at LSU, but when we sat down and met with him but one of the things he told him was ‘Ryan we would love to have you here at LSU, but take into consideration one thing. This isn’t just about you, but also your family and everything else.’ While I was trying to take that out of it, Coach Myles said it’s important. I think that’s when he chose Auburn.”
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    I'm glad to see Coach Miles show some class with positive recruiting. Regret will ruin a kid's college experience.
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    I'm starting to like LM's more and more everyday and every thing that I hear.
    Its not that I didn't like him before but I didn't know him.
    Last year I thought who is this stranger on the LSU sidelines?

    Sometimes there is more to life than winning a game.
    I am one to forget that at times but I am always learning.
    All you can try and do is win in the most important thing.
    Life, Cammy has taught me that!

    God Bless...
    Thank God for LM's, him as a person of character as well as a coach!
    I now have great respect for him, the more I learn about him.
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    Thanks for a great post. We're still trying to get to know Les, obviously. I agree with you on the Iraq trip and this recruiting story, Les is building positive credibility with us fans, and hopefully around the SEC as well.

    I was very happy with last season. I wish we hadn't melted down on a couple of instances, but given the hurricane and new coaching staff, sophmore quarterback, injury to Broussard, and people getting used to one another, we had our challenges and handled them amazingly well in most cases.

    Les has recruited well. I like him more the more I see of him.
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    Yes, I would also like to thank Deceks for such a classy post. In retrospect, Les and company has a momentous challenge last year not just having to deal with handling a new team and institution, but also the tough disruptive year with Katrina and the evacuees. It was a trial by fire. A very good point was made by Deceks that a coach with character will tend to have a team with character. Hope he stays on course. I like the positive posts in this thread:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    Have a great July 4th!
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    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Deceks7 again.
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    Thanks for the post, I'd rather lose one recruiting the right way than get one recruiting the wrong way.

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