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  1. bhelmLSU

    bhelmLSU Veteran Member Staff Member

    5 for 5?

    We all expected this last week but rumor week started in full force. If it is too unbeliviable it usually is.

    I think for sure we get 4 of 5 lined up tonight and likely 5 for 5 now with the news on Speedy. If we go 4 for 5 tonight I still expect 5 for 5 in long run.

    LSUMASTERMIND Veteran Member

    the news on Speedy I read it, but i dont believe any of it until he says on TV.
    The Brown rumors are funny to me, now GW rumors going to Florida.
  3. bhelmLSU

    bhelmLSU Veteran Member Staff Member

    Understandable because Speedy is the king of troll but I have heard specific details on what went down between discussions between the staff and his family and directly with Speedy.

    LSUMASTERMIND Veteran Member

    i'll trust you any day. how about Adoree
  5. bhelmLSU

    bhelmLSU Veteran Member Staff Member

    He loves LSU just not sure if the love is enough at this time. Still think what happens between now and NSD between he and Sark is the key here. USC just landed his QB teammate too.
  6. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    What about Lorenzo Carter and Adoree Jackson?

    LSUMASTERMIND Veteran Member

    he was always a longshot, high hopes from me.
  8. bhelmLSU

    bhelmLSU Veteran Member Staff Member

    Got to get Lorenzo in on that scheduled visit 1st and foremost but we are really in this as of now even without the visit.

    Adoree see above.

    We are looking good for Valentine and Kenny Young as of now.

    Speaks may get an offer if Valentine takes too long.

    Watch Deandre Clark over the next month. His mom was recently diagnosed with Cancer and her condidtion may chage things in regards to LSU. He may elect to stay closer to home if the family feels her condition is not headed in the right direction. Either way I pray for him and his family.
  9. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS Staff Member

    I do agree that if we hear Noil to A&M, it's a long long long way to NSD.
  10. bhelmLSU

    bhelmLSU Veteran Member Staff Member

    However, he is an early enrolle so it would be a 2 or 3 week period.

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