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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by $TigerFan$, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. $TigerFan$

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    I re-watch the Whisky game without emotion this time and to me it looked like the team found its footing in the second half. I know the miserable people will say its because Whisky got all banged up and lost some defense and the coach screwed up by not running the ball, but it is what it is.

    But for me it looked like Jennings and few others found some poise in the second half. He did throw some bad passes, but it appeared more like throw away to avoid the sack. God knows his O-line did not help him much. On a few occasions he did look like a quarterback, planting his feet and throwing some bullets on target. I hope the first half was just butterflies and first game issues, because the second half showed we can play some good football.

    I think this kid might have grown up a little (remember this is only his second college football game) and is finding his niche. Hopefully the next 3 cupcakes will allow some more growth by all the younger guys and tune us up for the SEC.

    Does anyone else see it that way or are my glasses purple/gold again.....because that does happen sometimes.:)
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  2. LSUDad

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    Nope Fan$, you see much of the same that I do. I was one of the few in my area, that thought we could come back. Many were, this is a loss. We have done this too many times. Les and coming back being down, an making it a win. Looking at the Wiskey roster, shows many of their players were Red-Shirted players. Been in the system, too many years, they played 54 players Sat night. A total of 62 players that have been red-shirted within their system.

    We had many young kids playing against 23 and 24 year old men. Players like Quinn, he was high school a few months back. This team grew up a lot Sat night.
  3. LSUBraveheart

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    Do you think it would be possible to state an opinion without all the stereotypical childish NAME CALLING directed at any and all of those that have an opinion that's different or contrary to yours? That's common over on the kiddie shite show and would like to see a cease and desist of it here. Just state your opinion and move on. No need to call people miserable because they might have a different take on things.

    BTW, I think Cam Cameron had a Coup at halftime and took over the entire offensive operation in the second half. That's why there was a night and day difference in play calling and execution............
  4. COTiger

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    And the miserable people would be correct IMO.
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    Much of the same play calling in both halves, OL did a better job in blocking, at one time, I saw the OT, OG and Center all blocking one man. This was with Harris, at QB, on the 3rd down play, by the time Gordon saw that La'el had moved over, it was too late. Remember, this was the third down sack.
    In the 4th when Hilliard was making his run, or runs, who didn't know he was getting the ball? The line was making their blocks, all too often, a hat was not on a hat. This was corrected. Remember, this was two guys making starts, Pocic and Hoko. I know Pocic made a start against a cupcake last year. To add, Hawkins was pulled and Evan Washington came in for him at one time, Grimes wanted to get his point across. An he did.

    You always hear that team improve between games one and two, this is never more known, but will show up more with both sides of the ball.
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  6. northernvatiger

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    Excellent post, well-said. We do have a very young team, and they showed much poise and resiliency in erasing a 17-point 2nd half deficit. No easy feat against a ranked, and more experienced opponent. This can only bode well going forward for our Tigers!
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  7. StaceyO

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    I don't want to name-call here, but this is just plain silly. So many LSU fans believe that if something works correctly, it's all on Chavis or Cameron. If anything (from a penalty to a busted play to a kid's shoe coming untied) goes wrong, then Miles was all over that.

    So, we're only good when Miles doesn't have a hand in the football game?

    Horseshit...staged a coup, indeed.
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  8. red55

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    "Here we go again. Another message board geek rises from the ashes to let us all know that he's more knowledgeable than Chavis. Go on back to The Rant with that stuff. It's getting old and worn out." -- LSUBraveheart

    Glass house, amigo?
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  9. $TigerFan$

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    Ok hoss I wasn't talking about anyone specific, just the talking heads that like to point out just how we can't win a game with heart and effort, it's always got to be because the other team laid down. We won a game despite the fact that everything went wrong in the first half. It has nothing to do with difference of opinion, I could care less if your opinion is different or not, just want a good discussion about the game, not a chastisement from you. Go correct your kids, this is a forum.
  10. $TigerFan$

    $TigerFan$ Father of CajinKid

    I notice the line working a little better in the second half too. It appeared they did a better job communicating. I also noticed some down field blocking by our recevers, that's always good to see.

    Good point Stacey!
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