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Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Sourdoughman, Apr 5, 2006.

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    Like I've stated on the other thread, we have no good leaders in government.
    There is a time to spend and a time to conserve money.
    All congress and government know how to do is spend no matter what.
    If we all did like these bozos we would have leans against our property or
    be financially ruined.
    When you are at war you shouldn't spend all this money on pork.
    Who is going to pay for this as the years go on?
    I'm really scared and don't think this country is headed for better days.
    I hope I'm wrong!

    With the Eleven million illegals every 10 years or so entering this country receiving free health care and schooling for their families.
    This is something every American Citizen doesn't receive btw.

    There is no checks and balances on congress or someone isn't doing there
    The way this president and Congress are spending money it seems like no end in site.
    Yes, The Republicans hold the majority and the President is republican also
    but the sad thing is that their is no alternative.
    The Democrats certainly can't do any better nor do they have any plan.
    Time to bring back Ross Perot and not his Vice!:usaflagwa
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    (As martin would say) The government can print money any time they like! Nobody has to pay for it - it's a win/win situation!

    Do all of the illegals?

    Our entire government is set up around checks & balances. We aren't doing our job. We should vote better politicians in.

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