Is America really much better than China?

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by USMTiger, Apr 9, 2008.

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    If I was a descendant of a slave and my parents had me while being a slave, I’d hate their guts for being so fucking inconsiderate.

    I wouldn’t be a good slave. Would have to kill me.
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    Well you are safe and respected by all white males here at TF. Fight on!
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    senate advanced asian hate crime bill. apparently unware that hate crimes are already illegal. thats why they call em crimes

    i think this is all made up CCP nonsense. this article, for example

    lists "media reports of attacks against asians". not law enforcement reprts, media reports.

    media reports dont mean the attack happened, or that attacks increased. surely the chinese influence on our media means more will be reported. plus they invent racism as a motive when its not. also they are counting verbal attacks. those are not real attacks, and they are made up anyways. they also count vandalism, which is made up as well. this is a chinese govt psyop. they turned a handful of videos of black lunatics beating up asians into a global white supremacism story.

    for example that recent video the guy kicking an old lady, the guy who did it was out of jail after murdering his mom, he was just a madman, not a trump-rhetoric fueled hate crime. if he had kicked a white guy it wouldnt make the news. also the guy was black, i bet the media hated that part of it. but they are desperate for anti-asian hate so they had to make a big story with it anyways

    much of this lie about asian hate is based on some data from new york where the number of asian hate crimes supposedly went from 3 to 28. and they count simple slurs as a verbal attack hate crime. they dont mean 28 people got beat up, most of that stat is people claiming they heard mean words. so a couple dozen liars claiming they were insulted (they are lying, they have been threatened by the chinese govt and have to say this) and its this huge invented story.

    anti-asian violence is not a thing, hasnt been in forever, or ever really, and this is purely an invention of the chinese and their woke partners is american media.

    the reality is that to be asian is to be safer than other groups, and the victims of violent crime less, and to have higher incomes and educations. the only real discrimination with asians is people like them and want to fuck asian women, and elite schools despise them and keep them out.
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